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About Mejia & Associates
Who We Are:

Members of Mejia & Associates all share a common denominator: a hands-on background in real estate. Our experience and understanding of the market we service transcends simply knowing the personnel involved, but includes the mechanics and intricacies of their mission.

Our mission is to match employer and employee, recognizing not only the best combination of skills and record of performance, but also the personality qualities most likely to succeed within a given corporate culture.


Mejia & Associates recruits management personnel for the real estate industry. Our clients are typically involved with commercial, multi-family and retail real estate. They are developers, pension fund advisors, REITs, institutional and private owners. While frequently recruiting for development, acquisition, construction and financial managers, our largest percentage of assignments are for property and asset management personnel.

Geographic Coverage:

Mejia & Associates works predominantly in the Western states: California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado. Since many of our clients are national and international in scope, we sometimes have opportunities outside of the Western United States.



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